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All products are free of synthetic fragrances, parabens and artificial colors.

Product portfolio:

Juhldal PSO Treatment Shampoo no. 4

Juhldal PSO Treatment - Shampoo no 4 eliminates irritated scalp. The main ingredient is natural Bromelin, an enzyme from pineapple, which has proved to be particularly effective against dry, itchy and dandruff scalp.

per unit GBP 11,70

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Juhldal PSO Treatment Shampoo no. 4 +

Juhldal PSO Treatment Shampoo no 4 + contains large amounts of the natural enzyme from pineapple, bromelin in a highly active form.

per unit GBP 18,70

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Juhldal Shampoo no. 1 for dry hair

Juhldal Shampoo no 1 is specially made for dry hair and scalp. The natural extracts from coconut, palm lily and spinach give new nourishment to both hair follicles and scalp.

per unit GBP 10,50

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Juhldal Shampoo no. 2

Juhldal Shampoo no 2 is a mild and caring shampoo for normal hair. The content of a wide range of stimulating, nourishing and calming herbal extracts give the hair strength and the best conditions for healthy growth.

per unit GBP 8,20

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Juhldal Dandruff Shampoo no. 3

Juhldal Dandruff Shampoo no 3 is produced with natural bromelin which gently removes dandruff and dead skin cells from the scalp.

per unit GBP 10,50

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Juhldal Conditioner Treatment no 2

Juhldal Conditioner Treatment no 2 provides hair and scalp valuable nourishing and building extracts from gentian, st. john's wort, lemon balm, juniper, golden plum, rosemary, hop, wheat, carrot and palm lily.

per unit GBP 9,40

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3-in-1 package against scalp problems

Effective Shampoo 3-in-1 package against contrary scalp problems, scab formation, dandruff, itching and discomfort.

per unit GBP 35,30

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